Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas
On their way into Nana Willie's room to see what Santa left for them.
It's a Mercedes!
Cody's gift to me! It was a complete surprise. We went to Disneyland and this is what I saw when I walked in the door.
Shon and Regan had our names for Christmas so they got us the fridge and freezer! Merry Christmas to me!!!!1

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taylyn's 4th Bday

I decided to give Taylyn her first friends Birthday Princess Party! They had a lot of fun and I survived.
Here they are opening presents!
Here's the gang. Sadie, Laci, Paizlee, Taylyn, Ava, Lauren, and Eliza.
Playing Games- This went a lot faster than I expected.
Craft Time
Taylyn wanted a Princess Aurora Cake!
They all dressed up in Taylyn's dress-ups.
Cody helping to pass the time for Tay until her friends arrived.
She was so excited that she took her Princess Chair and sat by the door for 30 minutes waiting for the girls to get here.

Weight 38 pounds 70%
Height 3'5" 72%
Happy Birthday My Sweet Taylyn!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas 2010

Riding the Reindeer!
Roxie's favorite Spot during Christmas time and has been since we got her. I'm just glad she doesn't use it as her bathroom spot
Christmas dinner was at my house this year. I even pulled out my china and used it for the first time.
Nana and Papa came up from the Care Center to enjoy dinner with us. It was wonderful to have them there with us.
Taylyn playing with her new toys!
Santa came for a visit before the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve. Taylyn was a little nervous but was brave. Jaxon freaked out big time.
Finally got brave enough to at least touch his hand.

Look of amazement that Santa was really at our house!
Look of sheer terror!
She answered the door!

She got reindeer food at school so they are spreading it out on the ground.

Helping Dad Decorate-Lucky Him!!!

Jaxon is talking on the phone to who knows who!
Decoration Time! They weren't as much help as we had hope they would be!